Black Garden (Alpha 0.1.5)

It took longer than expected but 0.1.5 is now open for public!

This release features the new map, expanding the playable area North of Garnet Weald, as well as the new Monster Girl enemy, the Werebat.

As always, consider backing up your Save Files before trying the new update!

A Detailed Change Log can be read bellow.

Version 0.1.5 Changes:

  • New Tier 4 Patrons added to Credits!
  • Winter's Day event has been removed along with most of the event craft materials until next year.
  • New Map, Amber Wilds, was added to the game. You can find the entrance North of Garnet Weald. Amber Wilds connects the lower and upper regions of Garnet Weald.
  • The new map features an Autumn themed biome with significant sand stretches that can generate Fulgurite when struck by Lightning. These stretches of sand have specific drops that generate on them, such as Quartz, Coins and Smooth Sand.
  • The new Werebat enemies are patrolling Amber Wilds at Night and are harder to detect than Werewolves.
  • Werebats have a unique defeat mechanic where they will force you to wear a cursed piercing that will over time inflict permanent negative traits on your character if not removed quickly enough. The Piercing can be removed by the Goblin Smith for a small price or by using the "Remove Curse" scroll.
  • Chaos Turkeys can be raised on your farm to produce Eggs and Chaos Feathers. A Chaos Egg must first be procured by defeating the wild Chaos Turkeys (5% drop chance) and placed inside a Turkey House (constructed or found in chests).
  • A randomly generated Hunter Camp spawns in Amber Wilds, containing one NPC Hunter. This NPC can give an optional side quest line to hunt various creatures around the forest. Completion of the Quest involves the defeat of a side Boss and acquisition of a Title and Bonus Stats. Hunter Chest and Cook Pot can be looted once a day with no consequences once the Quest line is complete.
  • Hunters sell various creature drops and can be robbed or enslaved like other Traveling NPCs. They will respawn after about a week if defeated.
  • A side Boss enemy has been added to Amber Wilds to protect the fruiting bushes in a ravine. The Boss has a four day respawn timer after being defeated.
  • Maple trees replace Juniper as the wood gathering node in Amber Wilds.
  • Maple Leaves can be turned into Maple Syrup or fed to a Chaos Turkey to obtain Chaos Feathers. Maple Seeds can be used to produce Flour.
  • Prices of some creature drops and materials have been adjusted slightly.
  • The [Fear] status can now last up to 3 turns.
  • Ranger Tunic has been buffed to give +5% Evasion (previously 2%).
  • Lowered price of Perception Skill when learned from enslaved Soldier by 50%.
  • [Silence] status has been reworked and now lasts 10 turns in combat or 2000 steps out of combat unless cured with Throat Drops or sleeping for 8 hours. You are now unable to speak to NPCs or work in the Brothel while under the effect of [Silence].
  • Slime's "Force Feed" attack no longer has a chance to inflict [SIlence].
  • T2 Beds now offer the option of sleeping for 4 hours with reduced restorative effect.
  • T3 beds now offer the option to choose the exact number of hours to rest. Sleeping less than 8 hours will give a proportional, reduced effect of restoring your VP and WP, it will also not cure any status effects.
  • The icon for Salt material has been changed.
  • Winter Coats (a test item that was added initially by mistake) have been removed and 10 SIlver Coins have been added per Coat to any players that got them as loot by mistake.
  • The effects of Stealth and Entomology Specialisations on success of gathering Bee Hives have been increased.
  • Beehives now mention that Entomology plays a role in success when gathering from them.
  • Beehives can now only be fought or gathered once per day.
  • Fixed a bug with Lotus Plants.
  • Seed descriptions now mention whether they will form a plant that regrows fruits/leaves.
  • Fixed a multitude of clipping issues in Emerald Falls that affected large plants and furniture.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from placing down a Spider Farm if you didn't own a Shovel!
  • Removed bug that made Blade Flurry impossible to evade.
  • Significantly reduced the time of crafting when making items in bulk based on a suggestion.
  • [Paralysis] chance from Slime attacks has been lowered from 20% to 15%.
  • Fixed Alcohol brewing bug that scrambled name of keg and number of drinks (hopefully).
  • Increased Acrobatics and Sorcery damage scaling for Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Lightning Punch combat skills.
  • You can no longer enter Garnet Weald until you have seen your house at the start of the game.
  • Varenye requirement in Saffron's Quest line has been changed to Blue Slime instead. Saffron also mentions that you can acquire two Bombs to easily defeat the Slimes by completing a side Quest from the NPC at the Goblin Mines. 
  • Incidence of Rainy Weather has been slightly decreased.
  • Cheat sheet for getting more Coins has been added.


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I randomly got 100 strength and can one shot everything now. Im playing a mage build and only found out after I got silenced by a werebat so I don't know exactly when it happened but It did happen sometime after i killed the boss if that helps. Otherwise great game

Thanks for the heads up! I have now fixed the issue. If you re-download the game it should set your Strength value back to its original setting.

bro in this game what we actually have to do please tell ?

Screw (or get screwed by) monster girls and do quests. Can also farm crops and craft all sorts of things. The main "story" quest currently only goes as far as finishing the Goblin Chief's story line.

how to farm crops and craft all sorts of things ?

You need a shovel and the Agriculture skill speced in Farming. You would also need to find seeds in wild plants or buy them from the merchant when available. Crafting can be done after buying the crafting stations and placing them in your house. You can also just find some stations by opening chests (rarely).