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Black Garden is a free Adult fantasy RPG game about a young adventurer who gets defeated by the "Demon Lord" and is forced to become her minion. Starting at the lowest rank in the Demon Realm's army you are sent to a remote Goblin village to help with morale. You soon discover that the Demon Realm is populated mainly by lusty female Monster Girls and that your role as a minion of the lowest rank primarily involves being the village bicycle to raise morale and minion numbers for the Demon Realm's army. Will you rise through the ranks using your hard work and dedication, or will you sleep your way to the top and reclaim your stolen soul from the "Demon Lord"?

The game is not heavily plot focused and is designed to give players significant freedoms in how they approach their day to day lives as they build up their reputation with the locals and explore the ever expanding world.

Black Garden features a myriad of fetishes with the primary focus being on femdom. However, it is possible to avoid all sexual encounters by focusing on the exploration, farming and crafting aspects of the game.


  • [W][A][S][D] / Arrow keys - Movement
  • [SPACEBAR] / [ENTER] / [Z] - Confirm/Interact/Talk
  • [ESCAPE] / [Numpad0] / [X] - Menu/Exit/Cancel
  • [T] - Toggle Clock
  • [SHIFT] - Sprint/Skip Text
  • [F5] - Toggle Full Screen
  • [F6] - Toggle Screen Size

Game Features!

-Name your character with your name, or perhaps the name of your neighbor that you secretly despise!

-A point buy character creation system with various skills, attributes, traits and flaws to pick from!

-A dynamic day and night cycle with various random weather effects that influence behaviour of NPCs, Enemies and some skills! Some examples include:
+Certain enemies only appear in certain weather and time conditions
+Certain NPCs are active only at day time
+Certain skills work better under the cover of the night

-Find randomly generated Treasure and Resources on the maps each day!

-Gather materials from the wild using a selection of skills or just forage for various loose items on the forest floor!

-Collect seeds in the wild or buy them when available from a merchant to grow your own plants on a farm!

-Craft gear and consumables to upgrade and strengthen yourself using six crafting professions!
+Cooking (various restorative food items)
+Artifice (jewelry and wands)
+Alchemy (potions and bombs)
+Smithing (armour and weapons)
+Tailoring (clothing and plushies)
+Construction (buildings and furniture)

-Build up your reputation with the locals by doing menial tasks for them! Or rob them blind and then pay the price when you are caught!

-Once you get close enough with the NPCs, you can make them wear slutty armour, cute dresses or nothing at all! NPC status can change based on interactions you have with them.

-Collect various fetishes from your naughty experiences and do your best to keep them low for the fear of losing yourself and getting permanently enslaved!

-A selection of skills with specialisations that you can level up at any time with experience you get along your journey! Allowing you to interact with the world in more exciting ways!

-Different Experience pools that allow you to level up your skills dependent on whether they are Craft, Battle or Bedroom focused!

-Buy or craft various furniture to decorate your house with!

-Find "husbands" for the local maidens to fill the village with offspring! Or volunteer yourself for that job instead!

Woo the local heroines, complete their quests and build up your relationship!
+Heroines (currently only one) can be romanced and married
+Visit the Heroines at night to have some fun
+Don't neglect them or your relationship will dip!
+If neglected for too long they will seek out lovers elsewhere

-Don't like a heroine? Not a problem, you can still complete her quest route without sleeping with her! Simply find a husband for her instead!

-A Diary that keeps track of your traits and flaws as well as your first bedroom experiences!

Updated 15 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withRPG Maker
TagsCrafting, Erotic, Fantasy, Farming, femdom, monster-girl, RPG Maker, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few hours


Black Garden.exe 464 MB

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It would be great if you can change pages in the manual as you want and not only advance, sometimes you want to go back to a certain page and you need to finish al the other pages to open the manual again.

Is a great artistic work, the scenarios are beautiful, and even if the characters desing is not my style, it is a noticeable work (and snuffles is amazing).

I do not know if i am the only one, but i think it will be a good idea if there was a special tag for the mothers of your childreen since there is no way to differentiate them from the others more than the MiLF tag (Like a goblin virgin i impregnate and become a goblin MILF) at the point i had to remember the specific locations of each one (not pretty much anyway), maybe i am the only one concerning about this anyway, so can ignore it.

There are plans to let you expand the cultivation area in the future?

Is it posible to get all the skills from chest, or skills like mining and smithing that have someone who teach them are not in the pool?


I am not sure if it is possible to move pages backwards to be honest, but I'll see if there is some workaround for it.

In regard to NPC tags, some people have expressed an interest in this as well. Originally, each NPC was supposed represent a "population" of multiple individuals. However, since people seem to want each one to be a separate entity, I have started to look into a possible expansion of the NPC system where each one will also have a randomly generated name. This is mostly in the planning stages at the moment and there is no exact date for implementation yet as I'm working on the system quite slowly and on the side while developing the main content of the game.

The farming area in Emerald Falls is not going to get bigger, however, there are some plans to add a possible cave with mine-able nodes. There will also be other houses later on in other areas of the game which will have their own farm-able land plots.

The only Skill which you can't get from a chest is Mining... I think I just forgot to add it in, so I'll add it for the next release.

(3 edits)

Uh... I don't know why, but all my saves just wiped. Themselves. o__o I had just done the spiderwebs and the rat quest again, and suddenly not only did it make an error noise when I tried to save, the files themselves got wiped.

So weird.... I restarted, and now there are orange trees, not apple ones? Is that just a chance thing?

EDIT: Oh wow, didn't even see there was a recent update. Shows what I go, for taking some time off for holidays. And it's something I'd been hoping for a while for, nice! I wonder if it's version collision that was the problem or something...

Apple and Orange Trees have a 50% Chance of Spawning as the main tree type of the forest the moment you leave the Demon Queen's bedroom. Once spawned, all fruit trees in both maps get locked into that type for the rest of the game, it adds a bit of a variety to play-throughs.

In regard to the save wipes. I encourage people to back them up outside of the game folder when updating to the new version just in case. What you report has happened to one other person and I have not been able to figure out why yet. Did you do anything with an Iron Lamp when this happened? Have you done any save editing of your save files before?


I had in fact placed an Iron Lamp on part of my farmspace--specifically the northern portion of the map, up the stairs.  As for save editing, I don't know how--I saved to files one and three, if that matters. I didn't know that about the trees! I've only ever gotten apples before. Thank you so much for continuing to work on such an engaging little world.

Save editing is changing save files using a 3rd party software, I thought it might have something to do with it but I guess it didn't. Thank you for the info regarding the lamp, I'll play around with it and try to figure out what's happening there!

You can get apple and orange seeds from eating the fruit very rarely, and because both apples and oranges can be purchased from the vendor as well, it is actually possible to have both tree variants on your farm too!

I found the issue, for some reason if you had a Lamp turned ON and tried to save on a different map, then your save got deleted instead of saved. The only way to fix this is to turn off all lamps... and preferably pick them back up, after that the save function will work normally again.

I will have a more direct fix for this in the next release!


Hey, wanted to say that I'm really enjoying the game. I'm finding the progression very rewarding. If I can suggest a couple of quality of life options to consider (apologies in advance, I didn't dig though the comments to see if already answered):

Being able to push aside or phase through NPCs to avoid getting stuck in some situations.

A colorblind solution for the crafting progress bar. I have such a hard time telling the difference between the starting color (yellow?) and green. The first few times I cooked I sat there staring as the bar ticked full, not realizing it had already changed lol. Increasing the contrast between the colors would solve it, although I understand if that is a design choice to force you to pay close attention.

Hi, glad you're enjoying the game!

I don't think it will be possible to push the NPCs aside or phase through them, at least I don't know of any way to do it in RPG Maker so it would only happen to them and not walls/furniture, I'll look around but I doubt it's doable.

I think it should be possible to make the bars have a higher contrast, I didn't even realise it was an issue. Some people reported that they sat there waiting for the whole bar to fill up but it didn't click with me why that could be the case until now. I was just using the default colour setting. Are there any colours in particular that would be better? Or the actual contrast is more significant?


It didn't even click for me that this was RPG Maker...cheers to the art and visuals!

Using a deeper, more washed out red or slightly darker green would call attention to the change regardless of whether I can see the color. I just have to rely on some other type of contextual feedback.

Thanks for the response. Definitely looking forward to following this game!

in fight scene  i used all weapons but the other character is not defeated   all time I was the one who lose     its intentionally or bug   please explain.

(1 edit)

Your stats are probably low if you have only 1 or 2 in Strength you are unlikely to beat anything other than rats and wasps. You need to make accessories and armour until you have 4+ in Toughness and Strength, you also could get the Athletics skill which has Specs that boost damage and gain access to stronger combat moves.

There are various consumables potions and damaging explosives that can be crafted as well.

Alternatively if you have the Black Magic skill you need to have 4+ Intelligence to really deal good damage with spells or level up Sorcery for a damage boost.

how to improve strength , how to make armour and accessories ,     where to find potions 

Strength can be increased with Garnet Amulets, which are crafted with Lvl 2 Artifice, Armour is made with Smithing, Smithing is learned from a Goblin Smith in the Forge, you can use an Anvil in the corner of her room to make weapons and armour. Potions are crafted with Alchemy. All of these things can be found as random drops from chests which reset daily and are generated in random locations on each map.

You can also get two Bombs which do massive damage as a quest reward in the Mines for bringing some pickaxes to the Goblin near the exit.

can you whore your self to win? if can i need some tip.

There is no "win" the game is in alpha. For the most part it is a sandbox game with quests.

men i don´t know why but a can´t execute the game

someone can help me

Does it give some sort of error? It's made in RPG Maker VX Ace so it only works in Windows as far as as I know.

I'm kinda curious--what does Husbandry actually do? The Helpful Books don't list it.

It will be used for keeping farm animals like chickens and cows, but they don't exist yet so the Spec does nothing for now.

So I just came across your game and I like the idea of it, Kind of not liking the Flaw system, I think that they should have a point value that scales to the Disadvantage you pick up,  For example the Pervert flaw is on par with the Advantage one could get with the Genius level 2 perk (5 Memory Points), especially considering that the fetishes make you more likely to be enslaved by the breeder for a game over.  The Greedy has very little impact on the game so far as I can see so about 1-2 points would be appropriate for that.

That being said keep up the great work, hoping to see you take this game far.


The disadvantages were designed to let the player squeeze out a few more points and to alter the game play. They were purposefully designed to scale horribly with the points they give. In general people should pick the disadvantage that they are likely to not face very often, so a person who picked "Pervert" should avoid Brothel work.

Incidentally, Greedy is actually one of the worst ones to take as it locks you out of taking the "pet" at the start of the game.

Flaws in general were designed to give a more customized play-through by upping the game difficulty. In fact, if you choose one of the starting presets when making a fresh character instead of using manual creation, none of them get added!

hello I have been playing for quite some time and I have not been able to get the theft ability or the construction skill I need help


If you go to the Brothel and head to the second floor on Saturday, there will be a demon girl with pink hair there. She sells most of the manuals, including Construction and Guile (Guile is the skill for all the theft abilities).

The manuals for these skills can also rarely drop from chests.

The Guile skill can also be learned from a Thief if you enslave him and bring him to the village households.

But the easiest way is to just buy the manual of the pink haired girl in the brothel, she only appears on Saturday though.


Ooohhhh thx men

I realy like the game

No problem, glad you like it!

So I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I can't find where the toggle part for the brothel is at, it says in the notes to talk to the goblin but I see no difference in her dialogue.

Also where's the new area exactly?

You need to talk to the Sign Up sheet on the counter, where you usually register for a shift.

The new area is the first path leading to the left after you exit the Goblin Village. Just walk down that left path and you will enter a new area.

It's mentioned the daughter of Lapis is a temporary character, does that mean that it will be somewhat easier down the road to get the various skills? I know you can get alchemy, mining, smithing, and athletics through goblins but the others (outside of waiting for Saturday) seems to be "off-chance a chest has (X) 101*. 

I ran into an interesting problem when fighting a wolf. I couldn't seem to bit the broad side of a barn with my attacks (double strike was *miss* or *evade* over and over, strike was miss/evade, didn't have much luck with regular attacks either) but the wolf kept doing maul (and missed roughly 2/3 of the time). I've seen the rat do skitter 6 times in a row too. Can monsters spam specials attacks at will? 

Given that werewolves have gangbang among the possible sexual skills, can werewolves gangbang you if you lose and I just haven't seen it yet or is that a voluntary thing that will be allowed in a future build? 

Most of the other skills are taught by traveling NPCs once you enslave them and donate them to the Goblin Houses, so that is another way you can get them! But to answer your question, yes, all skills will have a specific location where you can learn them, like mining is for the Goblin Village, Alchemy for the Heroine Alchemist, Black Magic for the Pumpkin Witch and so on (once they are implemented that is).

Monsters mostly do attacks at random, certain attacks have a higher weighing in probability to occur. Multi strike attacks generally have a lower chance to hit than single strike attacks, hence why the Werewolf missed 2/3... what sort of weapon were you using? Some weapons lower your chance to hit, such as tools, Sickles, Hammers etc, and if you dual wield them, this penalty to hit actually stacks.

Combat in general is sort of "place-holdery" at the moment and may change how it works in the future as I am not 100% happy with how it is at the moment.

Werewolf Gangbang doesn't exist yet. It's something planned for the future once the caves get implemented.

(1 edit)

I must say, this game looks great...even without the adult content..or possibly even despite the adult content.  Prettiest indy made adult RPG Maker game I have seen in...ever!

Thank you! I really wanted to make a game that didn't  conform to the default concepts of RPG Maker games as far as visuals were concerned at least.

Only took me 30 hours or so to realize there was a forge (forgot about the smith telling me, then wondering how the heck I would deal with iron and copper ore, then accidentally discovering the forge), makes me wonder what other "should be obvious" stuff I'm missed!

Does "rat uses skitter" stack? There's been times I'll see the rat use skitter 3 or 4 times in a row. 

Before I forget, are you intending Saffron's Mom to show up eventually (maybe in a different area)? Think it would be neat to meet her Mom somewhere down the road and depending on your relationship with Saffron depends on how the Mom acts! (Like, if you and Saffron are lovers she's way more friendly and helpful than if you are just an acquaintance).

I'm a bit surprised you haven't tried smelting ore in the first 30 hours!

Skitter resets duration of the buff when the Rat uses it, so the "stats" wont go up twice as high or anything like that.

I haven't fully made up my mind in regard to how to deal with her Mom yet, she might be a continues reference in places, where people mention that she was here recently but you just missed her. Or I might make her an actual NPC with all the various interactions that come with it. But yeah, not really sure yet, I guess it depends on how the story progresses and how well her presence would fit in the future.

(1 edit)

What can I say? (other than DUHHHHH) 

This i s a minor thing, and it may be RPG Maker related, but I have two saves, a backup (at the very beginning, before even meeting Lapis) and my "main save". For whatever reason it keeps wanting to load at the "backup" save, even if I've been using the main save repeatedly. Is there a chance you can fix it so that the last time saved it will go to that save and not the "I'm not using this save unless I wanna start over" save?

Didn't realize that the soldier looking for the thief was a quest, but given how much he wants for it, think it's be a great idea to find and capture that thief! Although, you said the thief is one of the toughest fights so far. If I capture the thief and don't send him to the brothel or to one of the goblins, does he just stay captured until I give him to the soldier?

The game by default should hover over the last save file that you saved to... if it is not doing that then I got no idea why because it always does so for me.

The quest reward for bringing in the thief is only 10 Silver and 10 Morality points, plus it is a repeatable quest! Also, yes, any prisoner remains with you until you give them to someone or release them yourself.

Think it was just a glitch on the save file - or maybe I just needed to wait a day, whatever caused the issue resolved itself.

I'm curious if the tent serves a purpose after the initial "there was someone here", because both it and the chest next to it just stay there, even after I've looted the chest. I guess the chest is coded in a way that it'll stay there (given that others of the same type stay put), but the tent just feels oddly empty, like I should be able to do something with it. 

Found it funny that the warden, after dealing with Furo one way or the other, apparently stays awake 24/7! Was that an oversight? (I was able to flirt with her at 2 in the morning!) Maybe after Furo is dealt with she starts drinking high-powered energy drinks!

Initially, I wanted the player to be able to enter the tent and find the chest with potions actually inside of it. But that seemed like it would be too much work so it didn't make it to the initial release. I might add the interior at some point and move the potion chest inside, it's just not very high on the priority list at the moment.

In general, Goblin NPCs were supposed to represent "populations" rather than individuals. So basically, there is more than one warden and some work night shifts. However, some players expressed interest in giving specific NPCs actual names as well, and with the fact that the individual sprites can be dressed up according to the players will has made me drift away from the populations idea. Incidentally, Goblin Madam at the Brothel is also active 100% of the time. Maybe in the future, if I end up giving them individual names, they might have a different one for each time of the day!


Hello! I had a question about equipment in the game.  I have been poisoned despite equipping four 25% poison resistance accessories--do they cap at one?

That is... a bit strange. I assumed they stacked by default. However, after looking into this I realised that they actually are multiplicative by default in RPG Maker. I will need to rethink how resistances work now, thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Hey, it's my pleasure! I'm enjoying trying to level up my crafting skills right now, but it seems you don't get any recipes for cooking level three... that's a pity. Are forest plants that you grow on your farmland unable to give you extra special seeds / fruits / flowers? I've been hunting tomatoes forever, and still no luck.

Hello again!

Most crafting Skills actually don't give anything beyond Lvl 2 because most of the Tier 2 and above crafting materials don't exist yet! The game is relatively recent and I have only really implemented stuff up to Lvl 2 in most Skills, though it is possible to get to max skill level (level 5) and earn a title and a small stat boost.

Forest plants grown on your farm don't give seeds for special plants, those are only found on the wild forest plants. That said, Tomatoes are not implemented yet. Was there some recipe that uses them? I had planned to put Tomatoes in soon and I thought I didn't have any recipes requiring them enabled yet.


The burger and veggie burger both need a wedge of tomato for that extra kick. Good to know I'm not going nuts!

Ah, I completely forgot about those, thanks for the info, I'll see if I can add tomatoes in at least to the vendor until I get the tomato plant made.

(1 edit) (+2)

If you get hit with paralysis, does that mean you won't be able to do anything for the rest of the fight? I was fighting a slime and got hit by paralysis - apparently the slime has a paralysis attack. She then kept doing things that weren't really doing any HP damage, but she seemed to spam the special attack that does a bunch of status ailments (including paralysis) and since I was by myself it was "reset, she can't really hurt me but I can't do anything at all...UGH* When fighting the slime/2 minions combo is there a preferred way to fight them? Werewolves aren't much of a problem anymore but the slime/minion combo is a royal pain. Honestly, if it was just the blue slime it would be fairly easy, but with two minions it's HARD, and I've only seen it with the three together.

Still can't grind seeds into regular oil, even though I should have more than enough (60 flax seeds and 45 forest seeds) it just says "back" when I want to grind the regular oil. Linseed oil I can do, just not the regular oil. 

Noticed something kind of funny, The werewolf has her hands by her breasts, maybe unintentionally causing me to look at them.  Maybe have the hero occasionally miss a turn because he's too busy gawking at her assets if he has the pervert flaw?

Some of the Blue Slimes attack can apply Paralysis and it can last a few turns, but I think it might be able to stun lock you by overwriting the duration if it is reapplied when already affecting you. Slimes always come in the troop of three. The preferred way to beat them is supposed to be either using Ice Magic or physical attacks granted by the Martial Arts or Arms skills. Their Agility is very low so you should almost always act first in a fight and due to a low health pool the Slime should drop from one or two attacks. Using gear with Resilience stat should minimise damage as well.

As I mentioned before, Flax Seeds and Forest Seeds can't be ground into regular Oil, you have to use stuff like Potato Seeds, Saffron Seeds, etc... basically any seeds which are not Forest or Flax.

The suggestion for making the Hero miss hits if he has the Pervert trait is pretty interesting! I'll see if there is an easy way to implement it and if there is I'll add it in next release, otherwise I will have to work on it some more and it will appear later.

Regarding the "gawking at the werewolf's body so I miss a turn", just make it so it doesn't appear TOO often, like maybe a 10-15% chance the hero will be staring at her body if he has the pervert flaw.  Also maybe make it possible that when she realizes the hero's staring at her body she does something like "shove the breasts into the hero's face" causing him to possibly miss a turn? Yanno, because the werewolf's a pervert too...

Curious what it is that causes the hero to successfully hit, as it's kind of annoying when I do a double slash and it's "miss", "miss"! It seems that the hero being affected with frail fever isn't dependent on "infected bite" by the rat - or it's that the bite is infected already, not sure. Does get annoying when I get hit by it though. When the werewolf hits me with lycanthropy  I lose the ability to decide what to do (everything is automatic) is that intentional? 

Be interesting to see the Goblin madam and Saffron yelling at each other at some point, given that Saffron doesn't seem terribly thrilled with the madam (having you steal, er, "borrow", the shoes and the dress). 

I generally put multi hit attacks to have a lower hit chance, about 75% instead of the default 90-95%. I'll take another look at Frail Fever but it shouldn't be possible to get it with the "Bite" because I think Werewolves use the same skill and they don't transfer that disease.

Lycanthropy works like the Berserk state in most RPGs, it pumps up your fighting stats but causes you to just auto-attack every turn.

Well she does wear them when she goes out to "rent" a boyfriend for the night if you turn down her offer of sex as a reward for the dress, so I assume they would have had their argument then! (The argument doesn't actually happen in game though).

(1 edit)

Getting the spider eggs, is that in a chest (be a weird thing in a chest though!) or in the spiderwebs with a sufficient entomology score? I have 2 for both foraging and entomology, and one for husbandry (doubt that matters for this, but oh well) and I still can't find a spider egg. My spider farm is looking pretty pathetic at the moment! Maybe get the goblin kid to get me a spider egg? Goblin kids probably wouldn't be afraid of the mines, right?

Regarding the goblin kid and the odd bug I mentioned earlier, I think it's a time-related issue. From about 17-20  (so dinner to early evening) it shows as either what my current VP/WP is (like, [40], Hi [62]!) or some other figure (date and year I think). Giving her gifts nets me a colorful pebble (well, the footbags do, not sure about the others yet) and she occasionally gifts me a minor thing. 

Maybe it was the hair, but I was thinking "this looks a lot more like a swordsWOMAN than a swordsman".  Are there female travelers too, or was this just a swordsman with a bizarre hair color? Didn't want to match wits with him though. Even though I can now do OK with the werewolves (Iron scale mail plus wood shield negates a lot of their attack!) but fighting the slimes is still tough (be easier without the two minions that always seem to show up!)

I can't seem to grind seeds into oil. I have 64 flax seeds and about 50 forest seeds, so I should be able to grind it to oil, but it just says "back" and won't let me. Is it different kinds of seeds? Also noticing as my botany and foraging level grows getting more and more kinds of plants from "forest plants". Hoping I'll get that dandelion seed and maybe a rose seed eventually!

Now, to search for that elusive varnish and glue (just need one of each but it's random what the satchels will give). I've noticed that the "forest chest" has some really nice  items like various tables (I've gotten the artifice  and tailoring tables from it) and a few other high-end items. Are there items that will only show up in the forest chest, or will the goblin merchant sell whatever's in the chest? Kind of doubt she'll sell silk or wolf rugs...

(2 edits)

You need Entomology to get the Spider Egg and it is from Spider Webs, however, it is a very rare drops as Silk is meant to be a 2nd Tier material and the game is not really balanced around having 2nd Tier gear yet. There will likely be easier ways to get the Egg in the future though.

The Bug with the Kids probably has something to do with a re-usable variable being stuck in a parallel process somewhere (something I shouldn't have done but may have by accident). Other gifts will also give you a Colourful Pebble.

The student needs to be either Intimidated, or you can use and Invisibility Spell/Potion and knock him out by hitting him over the head, success chances increase drastically if you have a Wooden Club in your inventory.

Swordsman is supposed to have one of those "long haired handsome looks". He and the Thief are possibly the hardest fights in the game so far. Also, there are no female Travelers, but I do want to add them at some point. I will need to work out some use for them though, like keeping them as slaves in your house or something.

Flax Seed should turn into Linseed Oil, but I think it was an Alchemy recipe. Forest Seeds should turn into Forest Essence, but I think that was an Alchemy recipe as well as it required Flowers too. Normal Oil requires any other seed though.

Botany and Foraging level shouldn't effect the variety of seeds you get as it always pulls results from the same pool of Seeds at every level, it is just a coincidence!

You don't get to choose a specialty at level 2 Cooking, however, you can buy Recipes from the Traveling Merchant. Recipes tend to cover different food items and often overlap in what they teach, so it is possible to get the same recipes as were available at character creation by just buying the region specific recipes from the Merchant. (Though there may be a few left out at the moment).

Glad you like the game!

so i got a question. had this one for a while but i just remembered to ask it. what's with this house? it's always empty and the door is always locked. 


I'll second this one. I have like 10 lockpicks, shouldn't I be able to pick the lock and find out if it is in fact empty, is it the Goblin's Secret Weapon (tm), or what?


It is an empty house for possible future use. I suppose the player could have looked inside the window, seen that it was empty and decided not to lockpick it so as not to waste lockpicks!


I left that one closed off in case I ever want to expand the village with some content that requires an actual house. I have some ideas of what to do with it but for now it is actually empty.

(3 edits)

i got the chew toy title after 25 or 26 werewolf defeats. tho when i went back to the forest i still got attacked (tho it was on the same night. i'll try it again on the next night and see if i still get attacked)

edit1: i found the secret area in emerald road east. nice. liked it

edit2: i'm still getting attacked by werewolves. guess the perk doesnt do anything other than stop me from losing willpower after i get violated by the werewolves.

It was 25 probably. I didn't the "non hostile" option yet as it would have required to add new interactions with the Werewolves when they are friendly. So I will likely expand on this feature once I start doing the Werewolf Caves.

Glad to see you found it! Traveling NPCs spawn there quite often too!

yup i noticed. now i'm hunting that bandit i ran into earlier. did the mistake of intimidating him instead of fighting. poor furo needs a break at the brothel.

If you Intimidate him he will just give you all his money and run, you can't enslave him that way. For the bandit you really do have to kick his ass to enslave him.

yup i did that. now furo gets to take a break now and then. lol

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question popped up in the back of my mind a while ago. will i be able to transfer my save to a newer version? i'm currently 26 hours in and it would suck to lose all my progress lol

also how do i avoid this gluttony flaw? seems i reached a point where if i eat something i just get this flaw and i cant get rid of it


Regarding gluttony,  I do know that it you eat too many unhealthy things in a row, or the same unhealthy thing over and over without mixing it up, you get the flaw. (Goblins have mentioned this on occasion when talking to them). 

I'll second wanting to know about transferring saves when a new version. I don't mind starting over but I'm close to 20 hours in!

ah. so too much unhealthy things in a row. so to counter that i must eat some healthy stuff? bc i havent checked the apples but i seem to get gluttony even after i eat them. thanks for the help tho it helped (i never talk to goblins. just flirt.)


Eating the same food over and over again without changing things up also increases the Gluttony score slightly. Eating healthy things will decrease the Gluttony score.


so i found out a nice trick here where i can always eat food to replenish my stuff. i planted some tea trees, apple trees and potato seeds in my house, harvested em and i cooked the shit out of lechos and teas. so whenever i need to refill VP and WP i just eat one lecho and drink one tea and i keep repeating the process till either my WP or VP is full. it's pretty helpful (please don't change this xD)


That is intentional, because you still have to plant, gather and water things. Food was meant as a way for players to stay alive on long expeditions beyond the safety of your home. So it is possible to stockpile enough to not need to sleep for many days while out adventuring.


Saves can be transferred, you just have to drag them into the same place in the folder. However, some things wont come into effect until a new game is started. These things are usually changes to the recipe database. So if I change any recipes or add new ones, the game wont update them into your save files until you start a new game. I am trying to see if there is a way to get around this issue but my hopes are not very high at the moment.

I usually only add a few new recipes per update so it might not be worth restarting the game at every update, but maybe every 4-6 updates.

understood. thanks again.

Hey, found a bizarre bug. I have a goblin kid hanging around and she normally greets me with Hi Daddy! When it was super windy, it showed as [80] (my WP at the moment) saying Hi [71]! (my VP at the moment). Only seemed to happen at that time, when it's sunny it's always Your goblin kid and Hi Daddy!

Off to search for the cure for the curse...don't suppose that's something I can craft? I've seen 1 student traveler in 2 months (well before I needed to find one), and I haven't seen a priest traveler at all.

I've discovered the hard way that when a trap is sprung that it almost always is 20+ for damage (unless it's poison), making it somewhat dangerous to seek out a chest if I'm low on health. Once in a great while it will be under 20 (and once it was 7!) but it seems like 20+ is the norm, meaning having to redo over if I'm low on health. 

Keep up the good work! 

Which map was this Goblin kid on? The village or near your house?

No way to craft a curse cure, but the Priest and Student have MUCH higher rates of spawning when that quest is active and Traveler NPCs in general have a higher spawn chance.

I don't remember off the top of my head but traps should be around 5-40 damage (+20 if you have Bad Luck Flaw). I personally save the game before touching them myself!

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The kid was by the house. Happened again, roughly 6 pm, sun was shining. Might be a time-related issue.  When trying to gift her something it said I didn't have proper gifts. Are there specific gifts she is looking for, that are gift only? She didn't like the flower I offered her.

Good to know about the NPCs, because before that quest travelers were a pretty rare occurrence! 2 months in and there was...4 travelers I think. Merchant, a soldier looking for a thief, a mage, and an alchemy student. Before restarting I ran across a bandit too. Would the bandit have been the thief the soldier was looking for, or is there a thief too? (edit) If it's raining, does that scare the travelers away? Haven't seem them when it's even lightly raining...

I save before trying them too,. One question on the various traps, would having a higher magic resistance or more toughness limit how much the damage is? Factoring in armor my toughness is 6 and piercing damage still hurts a lot! 


Kids only like Teddy Bears, Cute Dolls and Footbags... basically toys that kids would like in general.

There is a Thief NPC too, he will try to steal from you if you talk to him, he is the one the Soldier is looking for. Rain lowers the spawn chance of NPC Travelers slightly but does not eliminate it.

Currently trap damage is a flat value and "type" is just a cosmetic, they don't get affected by Toughness but double your Agility and Luck are subtracted from the damage. Also, having, Lightning Reflexes Perk will half all Trap Damage. In the future, types of damage will be expanded on and will be affected by Toughness/MR etc.

A few questions while I think about them. Fighting a werewolf (I STILL can't believe I won twice in a row) I noticed the only items to restore VP was the potions. I had more honey than potions so was planning to use that but it wouldn't let me. Is food disabled to eat during a fight? Some things make sense - if the average attack is 8, stupid to gobble a pine nut - but the honey and another food item that restored 100 VP wasn't available. On that subject, what's with the 2/2/2/2 on VP/WP restoring items? Not sure what that's about.

One thing I did find funny, the smith complains she's behind in her work so if I could find her 20 iron ingots she'd be appreciative. Bought 20 ingots and turned around and gave them to her. She said that I found them somewhere and then gave the reward. Goblin smith must have a very short memory! Given most of the quests take a fair amount of time or luck, it's nice to have an easy quest (if unintentionally so),

What is the chance of getting honey from the hives? Thinking at foraging level 2 it's pretty low, I get the "you failed, here's a fight" way more than getting it. I don't bother with shaking the hive, will that result in a fight or is there a slim chance of something else?

Looking forwards to seeing the heroine tengu and wondering if she (and the other heroines when you get to them) will have quests as well! Currently stuck on Saffron wanting a new bed, wondering if the merchant will have it before I can tailor a simple bed (or find in it a chest). 

Food can only be used outside of combat as it is easier to gain and generally can heal for more than potions. Plus, while I can see someone crunching a pine nut mid battle, it is harder to imagine them wolfing down a steak or burger!

Most food have a nutrition value that varies based on when you eat it. For example, the first number represents how much VP (or WP) you restore if this food is the first thing you ate this day, the second represents how much you gain if it was the 2nd meal of the day, 3rd number is if it is the 3rd meal and 4th represents 4th plus meal. Generally more "breakfast" type foods will have a higher value for the first or second meal and then drop down if you eat them as the 3rd and onwards. So for maximum VP gain you could eat something like omelette as first meal then whatever food has a high 2nd value and so on. This value is only for the order in which you eat food during each day and it resets at midnight, so even if you eat your first meal at 11pm it will count as breakfast and use the first value.

Goblin Smith is rather scatter brained yes! That said, the Quest reward is probably not really worth the money spent on buying the ingots.

Shaking the Hive will only lead to a fight and nothing else. It exists in case you want to farm Battle EXP or Hornet specific drops like Stingers. Your chance of gathering successfully goes up SIGNIFICANTLY if you do it at night when they are asleep or if you are invisible. Your Stealth Spec also adds to success, but the main Spec that is checked is actually Entomology, Foraging only lets you gather them in the first place.

All Heroines are planned to have Quest lines associated with them! Though the length of the Quest chains could vary between them.


i just noticed there's a "milking" in the sex specialisation. is there any way to milk the goblin girls or werewolves/slimes? and also i noticed that there's this goblin domestic slave thing. what is this? is it implemented yet?

There is a "rare" sex scene in the Goblin Brothel, but now that you remind me I think it might be turned off and I haven't given a way for players to enable it... thanks for reminding me, I can't believe I forgot about it this whole time!

Goblin Domestic Slaves are implemented ever since initial launch. You have to capture a traveling NPC and donate them to the Goblins that live in houses! Some of these NPCs will then offer to teach you some Skills for a price.

im pretty sure that's disabled. i whored for over 250 times (it says my skill at it is 249) and it never happened to me. so either it is that rare or it isnt enabled. my guess is that it is disabled. and no problem for reminding lol

Yeah it is disabled I just checked a few minutes ago, I'll re-enable it in the next build!

sweet. maybe make it as a sex option too? it would be cool to do other fun stuff to the goblins who roam around the town at daytime. thanks for making this awesome game btw.

No problem! I'll think about making it a more common option but for now I would like to focus on the content outside the village as people would probably like to see more than just Goblin content. I'll revisit it at some point though to add some expanded content!

Might as well ask this: is there a way to get glue outside of crafting it with the alchemy bench? I don't have that yet, and given what is required to get glue, thinking "it's gonna be a looooooooooong time to upgrade the house, just because I can't seem to get glue". Forgot to check if the traveling merchant carried it when I saw him, but I've only seen him once. Does the goblin merchant sometimes have glue? 

Will you be able to seek out slimes  and not have to fight them to have fun down the road? You mentioned it'll be that way for werewolves eventually, are friendly slimes planned too?

One thing I found odd, not sure what to make of it. Lost against a slime, it said she dissolved the headgear, and I'm thinking "I don't have any headgear for her to dissolve". She dissolved the cloak I had on. I would have put headgear and cloak as separate pieces, mostly because I don't think of a cloak as headgear. *shrug* 

Keep up the good work! :) 

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i know that the goblin merchant carries glue. but its a random daily chance of it happening. and man i hope we get some friendly slimes down the road. having fun with goblins can get repetitive over time. lol


The next "friendly" heroine will be a Tengu that runs the Alchemy store in the forest, but after her there will likely be a poll on the next bit of content.

As  Evil ZoneE has mentioned, the Goblin Merchant does indeed sell Glue sometimes. Glue also has a small chance to drop from Slimes at from Construction Satchels.

Traveling Merchant only sells food, food recipes and the Fur Coat at the moment.

There will likely be a Slime Heroine at some point. Just probably not a Blue Slime but some other colour, though this isn't planned for a while yet.

"Headgear" was just the term I used for that slot, both hats and Cloaks go in the same slot and Cloaks are implied to have hoods that cover the head. I suppose I can rename it to something else but I would need some "term" that describes it better!

Question regarding the "cures", which ones go away with time/sleep and which ones are permanent until potion used? I fought a werewolf and have been stuck with this status of low wp for 3 days now and no method of obtaining a potion to heal it... makes the grind even that much worse without being able to fight properly

Second, which skill books are required for the construction of the bridge as well as the lockpicking? I am trying to get the red shoes and assume they are in the locked room in the brothel and i need to learn lockpick?


The one from the Rat goes away after you take a certain amount of steps. However, Lycanthropy is pretty damn rare, though it is permanent until removed with a Remedy. The Goblin Merchant sells the Remedy sometimes. There is also a Remedy in the little wooden crate next to the tent when you first arrive in the forest. Lycanthropy can be useful for physical combat builds as it does increase your Strength by 50% and your Vitality and Agility by 20%, but in your case it might be better to buy the Remedy when it is available from the merchant. In the future this state will actually turn you into a Werewolf if not treated in time (a male Werewolf that is).

You only need the Construction Skill to fix the Bridge. While for Lockpicking you need the Guile Skill.

You can also use Climb Lvl 2 to climb up the vines at the Brothel exterior and go through the second floor window instead of unlocking the door!

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just created an account here firstly to thank you for your content and secondly just to ask a question: where do i find the garnet necklace that saffron mentioned? and if i cant reach it (I.G i have to climb to the roof of the house and open that chest to get it) where do i craft it?

(ps: i love your work so far. it's looking decent man)

edit: also, how do i level up? i seem to be stuck at level 1 no matter how many enemies i kill


Thank you for the kind words!

You can craft the Garnet necklace using the Artifice skill, but you will also need the skill at level 2 and have an Artificing work bench. To get the bench, you need to either craft it with the construction skill, or buy it from the Goblin Merchant, her stock is random every day but on some days she sells crafting benches. Both the Crafting bench and the Necklace can also rarely drop from chests.

That said, I would suggest learning the Climb spec instead as it is probably easier to get it that way. The Climb Specialisation is under the Athletics Skill, and you can get the Athletics Skill by bringing 10 Honey to the Goblin Guard on the 2nd Floor of the Goblin Tower.

As for leveling up. The level up feature is different in this game to the usual RPGs. Here, the Rank is increased due to main story progression and is hence currently capped at Rank 1. However, after gaining Craft/Battle/Sex EXP you can increase your maximum Health and Will power pools by buying them up in the skill manuals. Also, upon reaching max level in a Skill (Level 5) they usually grant you a permanent +1 to a specific stat as well as a Title.

Most of the stats actually comes from the gear you wear in this game, though in the future you will have more ways to increase your stats through Titles and Achievements.

thanks. im 7 hours in and i only got 2 honey so far. lol. my damage is terrible. guess i messed up my build or something.  got 2 maces in each hand and i deal 8 or 10 damage tops. 35 crit. so ill increase my skills to get a perma stat boost first.

again: nice work with the game and i look forward for further versions. new sex scenes and factions to fuck freely would be cool such as the slimes or werewolves. sucks that you need to be defeated in fight to have some fun with them but eh. i still loved the game regardless xD


Sounds like you have about a 2 in your Strength value. You can also pump up your physical damage by putting points in Acrobatics!

In the future you will be able to fuck them without needing to be defeated. Werewolves have a whole cave expansion planned for them. They were supposed to come in the next release but I decided to push their caves back and focus on more forest content to give more playable area with lower difficulty as the caves were meant to be a step up in difficulty.

ah! so ill get deeper and find a way to fuck them without having to be defeated then. does it have something to do with acrobatics or me being defeated in a row that i can just skip to the fun part?


Acrobatics just increases any physical damage you do. I haven't really made too many plans for the approach on how to handle their caves and "friendship" but there will likely be more than one approach, depending on the sort of relationship you want to develop with their pack. Also, their Alpha is going to be a heroine with her own quests and such.

At the moment, if you get defeated 20 times it should give you a "Chew Toy" title and they should no longer attack you, but I can't remember if it is fully implemented yet, it's been a while since I last checked.

Really appreciate how fast you respond to questions/concerns!

After giving Saffron the Red Dress and wanting a sexual relationship with her, when I show up it just says "never mind" with no other options. Do I need to learn more sex skills, learn a given trait, increase affections,  or what? I want to have sex with the hot goblin! 

Is it better to fix the bridge yourself, or have the goblin smith do it? Both seem like it would take a few weeks to get everything needed.

Best thing so far (besides losing BAD to a werewolf and thinking it's not too bad) is figuring out what works best for "goblin virgin" "goblin" "goblin MILF" and "group of goblins" when whoring myself out. Just curious, can you have a little fun with the smith, merchant, or other "important" goblins? 

I try to check here a few times a day!

In regard to Saffron, can you be a bit more specific in what you mean. Did you agree to sleep with her for the reward? And if so, when do you show up? The event is suppose to trigger when you interact with her House Door from the outside at Night. There should be no requirements what so ever as long as you agreed to receive your reward sexually and knocked on her door at night.

I think fixing the bridge might yield a bit more reputation if fixed by yourself, so there really isn't much of a difference.

Your action with Goblins in the Brothel mostly matter based on what skill you have. For example, choosing to Kiss in any of the options will add a portion of your total Kiss proficiency to the total customer satisfaction, etc.

You can have "fun" with ALL the Goblins in the village, you just have to approach them normally and select to Flirt with them. They will then have a possibility of asking you for sex. Their Sex scenes are sort of the same as with any normal Goblin in the village though. However, if you lose any Virginity to them, it will record them specifically in the notes!

Regarding Saffron, I was just showing up a little too early. Once if was officially night (when residents are asleep) everything was fine.

Regarding upgrading the house, where do I find Quartz? Everything else I can either craft, mine, or purchase, but I haven't seen quartz at all. Is it a level 2 crafting skill? (Still on level one so with smithing and artifice). Is it in just one spot to mine?

Sorry if you think I'm being a bit of a pest, just really like the game!

No problem, I like answering questions about my game!

Quartz can be mined in the Goblin Mines, it is just hidden in a secret room. There are three secret rooms that you can dig up, you can see them marked by "cracks" in the walls! The first two rooms are more obvious, but a third is hard to find it is at the very top right of the mine in the dark wall. Room 1 and 3 have Copper nodes and Room 2 has Iron and Quartz nodes!

how do you learn how skills like forage or cut wood? im just starting but its so frustrating not being able to do so? I have seen you can buy the skill to mine and such, but not the other two above.

Also, where do i go to use these battle points im getting from beating hornets and rats? like is there somewhere i can use them to upgrade something?

thank you in advance for some rookie advice.

Forage and Woodcutting are both under the Agriculture Skill. You can either capture a Student NPC and donate him to the Goblin households where he will offer to teach it. Or you can visit the Brothel on Saturdays and head to the second floor where there will be a pink haired demon girl NPC that sells all the Skill Manuals.

Battle EXP can be spent to level up the Athletics, Black Magic or White Magic skills. To level them up just open the Skill Manual in your inventory and it will bring up the interface for them. Though, if you don't have those Skills then you can't really use it. You can also merge Craft EXP with Battle EXP to get Combo EXP which is used to level up the Perception Skill if you have it.

If you don't have the Athletics Skill, you can get it as a reward from a Goblin Guard NPC in the Goblin Tower on the 2nd Floor after you bring her 10 Honey from Hornets.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the tip about athletics, still grinding to try and get 10 honey. 

I didnt see any demon in the brother on saturday though... is there a particular time? I went at night and didnt see anyone on the 2nd floor. I cant kidnap a kitten at this point with 0 skills, all i can do is fight hornets and mine. cant even make a shovel cause i dont have woodcutting (not that i would know where to go to cut wood for myself anyways yet)

I do have the perception skill, but ill hold off on building that for now? unless you recomend that for some future reason.

Hmm looks like I set her to appear only during Day time... she wont appear at night. I'll change it so she appears all day in the next release, but for now she is only there during light hours.

Wood is gathered by cutting down the Juniper Trees, they are the only "Animated" tree so they should be easy to spot.

At the moment Perception is mostly useful for seeing Traps on chests or Stealth Enemies from far away, but you need the Guile's spec "Disarm Trap" to really get the most out of it.

I plan to add some Optional "Character Presets" in the next release as I noticed some players make characters that are a bit difficult to play, at least in first play-throughs.

There's a chest that requires a forest key. I had one, but the chest showed up again unopened, and the forest key isn't in the same place as before. Are the special forest key chests supposed to respawn? I'm only aware of one spot for the key, but that didn't respawn when the chest did, where else do they show up besides the one by the house? 

Another question when selling stuff to the merchant, a few things have no value (I can unload it but won't get any money for it). Given that, shouldn't I be able to give her juniper seeds? She won't accept them and as a result I have waaaaaaaaaaay more juniper seeds than I need.

Are some things only available if you rob a place? Gotten a few items that way I haven't seen anywhere else. I know if lowers how much the goblins like you but if there's some good stuff unavailable any other way...

Does increasing how much the goblins like you decrease how much WP is needed to talk/flirt with them? It started off as 10 but is now 9 to talk to them. Did I do something to lower it and just didn't realize it?

Very much looking forwards to seeing what's in the caves (right now it just saying not implemented yet) and wondering if knocking a rock into the water will result in something or not (or is it just a funny little thing, knocking a rock into the water when it's raining?)

Forest Chest re-spawns every time you enter the map, but the keys only show up once in each location. One is like you mentioned near the house, another is on top of the Brothel. You also get one as a Quest reward from Saffron and they can rarely drop from chests.

I will check into Juniper Berries, but you should keep them, they are planned as a recipe for brewing Jin and you will need lots per keg.

Yes, some unique items can only be gotten by picking pockets or robbing houses.

You probably increased your Charisma skill. It subtracts the Skill level from the VP/WP needed for actions.

That is not a rock, that was a Frog that jumps in when you get too close, there are three locations like that, two in the Emerald Forest and one near your house. It is just a decoration like birds... for now.

The Caves actually got delayed in favour of expanding the forest as there have been some complaints that there is not enough money to get per day. Thus I decided to expand the "easy" areas first to give players more room to find loot.

How can I make Iron Bundles? I need to fix the bridge.

On that topic, can I craft ingots myself?

I know you can craft ingots (iron ones, anyway) if you have the smithing skill. You'll need the proper materials to make it though. If you don't have that skill, you can always buy them from the smith at 10 gold a pop (second story of where you go to the mine)

You can craft Iron Bundles using the construction Skill at a Construction Bench (assuming you have one). If you don't have one, then you need to buy one from the general merchant, she sells work benches occasionally. Crafting benches can also rarely drop from chests.

You can craft ingots, both Iron and Copper in the Forge, you don't need an actual Skill for that. You do need the Skill if you plan to use any of the work benches though.

You can also buy the Ingots from the Goblin Smith as Musical74 has mentioned.

Is there a reason why none of the new crafting recipes are available without doing a new game? Also, I noticed a small bug where fire magic deals less damage during the rain even when you are not outside, like in the mines.  

The reason they are not available is because they are part of a Script. When modifying Scripts in RPG Maker, the changes very rarely translate into old saves. Usually a restart with a new game is required. It is an engine limitation unfortunately.

Good catch on the Fire magic though, not many people notice it. I am aware of it and am going to change it in the next few releases. Definitely by the time the Werewolf Cave expansions role around.

I only know fire magic right now so that is why I noticed. You said that the slimes are only weak to ice magic,  but they appear to take significant damage from the magic wisp spell from the copper scepter(you may want to increase its wp cost for doing three hits, as well as making scepters two handed and weaker one handed wands because right now I'm dual wielding two for increased magic damage), so are they weak to pure magic damage as well? The only other spells I could use on them were fire which were weaker in the rain anyway, so I never compared it to any other magic. 

You said that the changes in scripts very rarely translate to old saves, but that would mean that they sometimes do. Would it be possible in a future release for the crafting list to be updated without having to start a new game each time. either regularly or with an item that updates the crafting list? I already have 28 hours on the game and don't feel like restarting and having to get my stats back up.


Maybe adding crafting recipe items would work like the cook books?

Fire Magic is very weak against Slimes, it only does about 10% damage. They are also Immune to Lighting Magic. The reason it feels like the Magic Wisp does a lot is because they have no resistance to "Pure Magic" damage and have rather low HP pools. I will probably boost their Resilience (magic resist) a bit to compensate for it.

In general, it is probably not worth restarting every update as they usually only add one or two recipes which you might not even have any interest in.

I'll see if the "recipe book" approach would work, maybe if I make the Game Update event relearn the recipe it might work... I'll need to test this.

Just as a follow up, this approach seems to work so new recipes shouldn't require a game restart after the next release. I'll also try to add the ones from the last few releases as well.

Thanks for the quick response! I haven't gotten as far as the red dress yet for Saffron, she wants the  garnet amulet, that I sold immediately...not realizing that I would need it for something (SIGH). No anvil yet so can't craft the amulet (assuming I need an anvil to craft the artifice stuff). I've noticed that the rat sometimes does "bite" and sometimes does "infected bite", but being affected with the frail fever seems to happen with either, is that intentional?

Funniest thing so far, when the merchant says they have dye for sale. She mentions it's rather useless to them, so if I don't buy any, do they just throw it all away?

I do like that everyone is friendly to the ex-hero immediately (maybe because they've been whining about not getting anyone for awhile). On the "rain weather", can do you anything with the (puddles?) or it is just for show?

There is an Anvil you can use on the second floor of the Foundry, however, you use Anvils for Smithing. Making an Amulet would require Artificing and a bench for it which is sometimes sold by the Goblin Merchant (the Amulet is a lvl 2 recipe). The Amulet can also rarely drop from chests but the probability is very low. I wasn't expecting anyone to sell it to be honest, as it is a very good accessory item to wear.

Frail fever should only transmit through infected bite, but it can last a very long time if not treated.

As for the Dyes, I suppose they might trade it to some other village for something more useful!

The puddles are just for show at the moment, they replace the little fireflies you see at night in the same locations. Though I may add some use to them someday!

Hey! I stumbled onto your game and LOVE it! I do have a few questions though, after messing with it for a little bit and testing things out...

1) Are there ways to permanently increase attributes after the initial "pick what's most important"? I want to start with a bunch of skills which leaves very little for attributes. Athletics, Agriculture, Mining, Guile,  and Smithing almost seem like requirements which means I have 3 left, and want to add Cooking, add pervert to get one more and add Artifice (useful) so outside of the one added for STR to allow athletics, all the attributes are one. At least I can do lots of stuff at the outset!

2) It seems a lot harder to level up battle exp than craft exp. Even with more things tied to craft than battle, I seem to get 1 battle exp (MAYBE as much as 5, but that's uncommon) and I might get as much as 10 craft exp for stuff. Is it intended for Battle exp to be tougher? Fine if it is, it's just very hard to level up jumping and climbing as a result, to mention nothing of perception...

3) Some of the traps seem to be excessive for damage. Traps go anywhere from zero-but-poisoned to upwards of 30-40 for damage - the highest I've seen is 37. I've gotten some good stuff from chests occasionally (10 bags of coins? YES please!! A new and better bed? Sweet!) but the upper range of the trap damage seems a bit severe!

4) I'm not sure what the ratio is for successfully picking an easy lock but it seems a bit low. There's times I can pick it right away and times it might take 5+ for an easy lock. Same for being sneaky and trying to rob those poor goblins, I might pick the lock on the first try but fail to be sneaky, resulting in "paying with the body because 10 silver is way too much" 

5) At what point can I have fun times with Saffron? I'm up to 41 so far and she still says "I'm about to hit the sack, please leave". Least I know she likes jewels! 

6) Are there weapons beyond the first few you can forge? The iron sword does pitiful damage to wolves attacking (the skills do OK though) and fighting the slimes is "can't win with a sword".  

7) In spite of all the issues I have (most of which is  "figuring out what works best") this is a wonderful game!! 

Hello, thank you for giving the game a try! To address your questions:

1) I would suggest not picking Mining, you can learn Mining in the Goblin Village from an NPC just outside the Mine entrance in the Foundry.

At the moment, there is only one way to permanently increase attributes, and that is to max out a Skill which will give you a title and a +1 to a specific attribute.

There are also Potions that give you a temporary boost of +2 to a stat, they can be useful if you are about to engage in a fight or do some skill check which you have doubts about passing.

You can get a significant selection of Skills during the game-play though. Athletics can be earned by completing the quest to find 10 Honey for a Goblin Guard in the Tower. Most other skills are sold by an NPC in the Brothel on the second floor on SATURDAYS, but they cost a significant amount of money.

2) Battle exp depends on what enemy you defeat, Rats ad Hornets give 1-5, Wolves give 5-10 and Werewolves give 10-15 I believe.

3) Traps can be disabled withe a Spec in Guile, but you also need a Detection Spec in Perception to see them. The Damage range is 1-40 or 1-60 if you picked the "Bad Luck" Flaw.

4) The success is determined mostly by your Lock picking Lvl. In most cases the difficulty number is 15-20 (15 for chests and 20 for houses) and you roll a 1d20 for it, add +3 per Lockpick level and +1 per Agility and Luck score.

5) How far are you in her quest line? She offers sex as a reward when you bring her the Red Dress for a Quest, and after that you can start sleeping with her at night.

If you haven't started the quest line, you need to bring Goblin Reputation to ~30 for her to start giving you quests.

6) Magic does even less to Slimes. Any Bladed weapon essentially gives a +30% damage modifier against unarmored, fleshy targets. I think your main issue might be the fact that your Str is only 2, you can still increase your damage output by taking Acrobatics Spec.

But to answer your question, there are no better weapons at the moment. Have you taken the Arms Spec in Athletics? That should grant you the Multi Slash skill that does quite heavy damage with a Sword, the down side is that you might not be able to use it every turn.

7) Thank you, glad you like it! 

(1 edit)

Is there a reason for the change in controls from the standard RPG maker setup? It doesn't feel very intuitive.

In the standard arrows with shift, z and x you have 1 hand to move and the other sits on run, action and cancel/menu.
Alternatively you can usually use arrows with enter and shift just left of your hand(or just above on some laptops) and insert on the number pad for cancel/menu under your pinky allowing convenience for single handed play as you only ever need to move 1 finger from its default position.
This applies to both qwerty and azerty keyboards.

With your control setup wasd to move works fine with space and shift for single handed controls on a qwerty keyboard as far as action and movement is concerned (although space bars can be a bit iffy on some keyboards). Escape however requires moving your entire hand away from position to press.
Wasd with enter is fine for doing things with 2 hands but escape still requires moving 1 hand away from position.

With arrows to move enter and shift are okay to reach but you still have that escape key at the opposite corner of the keyboard.

Escape is fine as a menu key but as a cancel key it feels to me the most inconvenient key on the keyboard.

(3 edits)

But Esc is used as cancel in the standard RPG Maker setup too, it is both a Menu and Cancel key in a standard setup, all I did was add the use of WASD and SpaceBar because some people said they wanted those instead.

I haven't seen that many setups that used Z and X, personally, though I have tried them in an earlier version of my game and I got a lot of complaints from people claiming they had to punch every key on the keyboard until they found the "Enter" command.

The full default RPG maker controls are:
Move - Arrows
Action - z, enter, space
Cancel/Menu - x, num0, escape
Run - Shift
A,S,D,Q,W have functions assigned that are rarely used and C,V,B are unassigned but available in the rebinding menu.

In ARPGs made using RPG maker you typically see A used as the attack key by default so that it sits in the z,x,c  a,s,d area for ease of use while block and special if featured will be between s, d or c.

Games of all types using arrow keys usually use 2 banks from q,w,e a,s,d z,x,c for the left hand or a line of 4-5 keys.
Its the same principle as modern strategy games often using a double bank of keys like qwer+asdf as hotkeys(on a qwerty layout) as opposed to the 90s system of using the first letter. Having the keys under 1 hand provides ease of use.

Since your setup overrides the player-end key rebinding menu (F1) I don't know whether having extra key options causes issues in your setup but if there isn't an issue adding back the key alternatives that were removed would make the game more approachable or as an alternative if you wanted to build on the WASD movement adding something like E as action and Q as cancel/menu would place the keys in a more comfortable location.
Adding back numpad0 as a cancel/menu button as a minimum would at least mean you have the full right hand key access in the sphere around the arrow keys.

Well there is no technical reason why I can't add those in again. So I guess I'll add them in again with the next update.

The game looks beautiful by the way, its nice to see unique visuals in an rpg maker game as opposed to the standard tiles.

I did find 1 bug. If you are attacked during the loading screen while entering an area and killed it can cause the gameover screen to flash for about half a second then the map loads up and everything freezes.
I tested it several times on south east entry to the main forest path at night with a wolf and discovered the higher my cpu load with other programs the more likely it was to happen.

Even while knowing how to replicate it, it took me a while to get it to trigger a second time so unless people are running particularly old pcs it should be extremely rare for people to hit the bug.

Thank you! I am quite bored of default tiles myself!

I know that bug, it is indeed rather rare, it happen when loading the game near a hostile mob too. The game initially was supposed to allow you to save only in your home or at designated save points. But since the play area is rather small still, I allowed people to save anywhere. This is only temporary though. When the play area expands, the save point feature will be fully implemented and this bug wont happen anymore on loading the game as there wont be any mobs near save points.

Also, the loading screen can be disabled in the game so for those that this continues to be an issue for can fix it that way, in the case of it freezing from entering the map near a mob.

I'll also consider moving that Wolf spawn a bit to make this less likely to happen.

Z and X are used by the controller scheme, which only has a limited degree of customization.  The game requires external tools to use a controller due to this.

I'd just chalk this up as unintended consequences of the control scheme change. Maybe adding an option at initial startup would be a good idea. Like "custom layout" and "standard layout"

The last update has Z and X control

Please god, change the controls so you can use the arrow and enter keys to move and interact. I'm right handed and using the wasd and space is incredibly frustrating to me.

When did you download the game? The latest version should have both WASD/Spacebar and Arrows/Enter usable in game.

I have 0.1.2, and I downloaded it about 3 hours ago.

I just downloaded the game and both control schemes work for me. I'm not sure what could be causing this for you. Is there any chance you could try a different Keyboard if you have any spare ones?

when ever I win a battle I get a error Unable to find file: graphics/pictures/actor1. that file does not exist in my folder and I have downloaded the game a few times same error any time

There is no such file in my game. I have just tested every fight and I do not get an error like that. Can you be a bit more specific in regard to what enemy you were fighting, did you have the Bunny in your party? What actions did you take just before the fight?

Alternatively, try putting a random .png picture into that directory and giving it that name to see if it fixes it. However, no such file is supposed to exist in the first place.

(1 edit)

no to having the bunny in party and its just the rats in the mine that I have been trying to fight. Copying the characters folder and renaming it pictures made the error stop. If that helps in anyway.

This is strange, it never happened before. I'll take note of this, thank you.

The missing actor1 seems to happen to people if they use a save editor to raise their stats.

Hey pally, first off, love the game concept, there are very few of these types of games out there and its really cool to see one done in this style. But i honestly cant figure out how to level up any of my skills such as agriculture, and i dont know how to plant any crops either.

Thank you!

You have to use the Skill Manual from your inventory or bind it to a hotkey, then it opens up a menu for increasing the Skill level or its specialisations and other various bonuses. In this menu you will also see how much EXP each upgrade costs.

As for planting crops, you have to have a seed of the plant and either use it from your inventory or bind it to a key on your hotbar. There are two large plots where you can plant them, one is the empty space to the left of your house and the other is the empty space up the stone stairs and to the right of the waterfalls in the same map.

Can't find Skill Manual in inventory, can only see the skills I started with

(1 edit)

That's what you have to select if you are leveling up an existing skill. To get skills which you didn't start with, you have to find them in game first.

Is the questline for Saffron completed? I'm at 1000 relation with the Goblins and I can't get her to say anything hinting at another quest, just complaining about how no one respects her as ruler, or that I won't impress the queen by helping her.

You need to give her Gifts to raise her Affection to 20 before she starts giving you more quests. Gifts are Items that have [Gift] written in their description, you have to use them before you talk to the NPC. You can only give one per day. Her quests are all linked to her level of Affection after the initial few.

First off, I LOVE the game! Definitely fun around every corner. How do you pick up more skills? i.e. botany, lockpicking, climb, jump, and foraging. These 5 are major skills that I lack. Do i learn them outside of the goblin village? Am I missing something?

Glad to know you like it! Botany is a specialisation of Agriculture, which you can pick up in 3 different ways. 1) Rare drop from Wood Chests. 2) Kidnap the Student Traveler and donate him to one of the Goblin Households, he will then teach it to you for a fee. 3) A demonic NPC named "Azalea" who visits the Brothel on every Saturday and stays on the second floor, will sell it for 20 silver.

Lockipicking is a specialisation of Guile and you can pick it up in the same 3 ways as Agriculture, except you need to capture the Thief Traveler for option (2) instead of a Student.

Foraging is a specialisation of Agriculture so you have to get Agriculture as I mentioned above.

Climb and Jump are both specialisations of Athletics. You can get Athletics in the same 3 ways as above, only for option (2) you need to capture the Fighter Traveler. You can also get Athletics as a skill if you complete the Fetch Quest in the Goblin Tower, where you are tasked with delivering 10 Honeys to the NPC on the Second floor.

If you have not met any Travelers yet, they are random NPCs that can appear in random locations in the forest or on the road map, they have a 25% chance to spawn each day per map and will only spawn during the day. If you leave the map or load the game they will vanish on that map for that day.

Hope this helps!

Wow! That is very interesting! 
I have already captured a thief but I didn't know you can donate them to households. I thought you could only donate them to the brothel

I will definitely try out these options thanks!!

Also the quest requests 20 honey. Is it supposed to only be 10?

How long ago did you download the game? I have decreased the honey from 20 to 10 since version 0.1.1 and upped it's drop rate a bit as well! Your saves should be transferable to the new versions. If your game updated you should have gotten a pop-up message as soon as you load with important changes and such. Hope this helps!

I'm here just to give some positive reinforcement, I like this  game a lot, keep up the good work

Thank you so much! I'm hoping to release a content update with new Slime Girl enemies, alcohol brewing and a costume for NPCs this month... and hopefully more if I can cram it in time.

How do i get outta Tutorial ? How do i Wake up ? Please help me ^^

You have to spend all of your memory points and then talk to the mirror.

ah okay thanks ^^

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